Wordpress Simple Actions & Filters

wordpress May 01, 2020

Curse the gods, this simple functionality can seem complicated. I think its a combination of the terminology and word choice being so unhelpful. Do I add , apply or do a filter or action? What is a hook here? Or maybe I need to register it? It's all very vague, and I constantly forget.

Anyway, here's some pretty pictures instead. I've made it as basic as possible, more for remembering which one to use and where.

🧗🏻‍♀️ Basic Actions

TL; DR : Plug in new code at a specific point.

  1. Once you've registered your code, you're now 'hooked' into the action 'do_something_here'
  2. Whenever the code gets to the do_action('do_something_here'), it'll now run your function 'run_action_function'.
  3. No need to return anything.

🔍 Basic Filters

TL;DR : Pass in a value, change the value, pass new value back.

  1. Once you've registered your code, you're now 'hooked' into the filter 'do_something_here'.
  2. Whenever the code gets to the add_filter('run_a_filter_on'), it'll now run your function 'run_filter_function'.
  3. Pass the old value $value into the function.
  4. MUST return something (the new value).


Filters and actions have more arguments to them and are very versatile.

I suggest you look at:



🔗 Action Links:



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